Monday, May 30, 2011

Rewrite, rewrite

I have to thank my son Stephen for turning me on to Paul Simon's song "Rewrite," which has become a sort of personal anthem. It is perfect for what I have been doing!!!! Check it out on YouTube. LOL.

And my rewrites are done. I have a finished product, and a much better product, thanks to Ms. Bond and Mr. Kleinman. I have much more confidence in opening chapters, story lines, story flow, etc. How confident? I sent a query to Donald Maass. He wrote the book about how to be a great published author, "Writing the Breakout Novel" ... a sort of writer's bible. I didn't have that kind of confidence before, but I do now. Will I separate myself from the hundreds of other queries he's received in the past couple of days? I don't know. Not my decision. But I didn't back away from submitting.

And for those interested in such things, Maass is due to be at next year's Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Pencil me in for that session ... although I'd love to be out on a publicity tour for my book at that time. You never know.

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