Monday, September 14, 2015

I needed a break

I read so much advice from published authors on the best things to do in certain circumstances. Most of them give adequate information. There is one I took to heart about a month ago. One author said that sometimes it's good to put a project away for a while and concentrate on other things if the creative process isn't quite right. I did that. I put my second novel in one series far on the back burner, and I concentrated on a few short stories.

I had to do it. I will try to explain.

I take time during my writing to go over my work at certain intervals. There is no set timetable, like stopping when I get approximately 30 percent of the way through my planned manuscript. I did such a revision with this latest novel, and I didn't like the results. There was the standard "lack of punch" that many writers have in a first draft, but there were other problems. I had a section in which I analyzed the impact of a series of events in my story line. I put it into the middle of one chapter. That was okay. The problem was that I also put it in at the start of another chapter about five chapters later, and I didn't realize that until my revision session. That means I am not concentrating well enough. How could I be so unaware? I need to get back the enthusiasm for my subject matter, which is lacking when judged by my results.

When I analyzed everything in the intervening time, I decided to keep that novel on the back burner and turn my attention to another novel. This one is more from my heart, and I have a desire to make that novel shine. I am starting to work on it as soon as I finish this blog.

Sometimes we need to step back and analyze where we are and what we are doing. Make changes if required, then put my head down and get the job done.

End of analysis.