Thursday, February 5, 2015

Key to my characters? Vulnerability

I have five projects underway, which keeps me busy. One project is finished, which means it is through initial editing and reviews by my readers, and I am approaching selected agents for possible representation. Another novel is through the first-draft stage, and I am lining up readers for that one. The other three projects are in dry dock. Two are in initial process, and one needs some serious trimming and refinement.

I have three protagonists, but there is one common trait for all of them. They are vulnerable. I write characters with internal struggles and ways of dealing with difficult parts of their lives. I will introduce you to those characters in separate blogs later.

That vulnerability factor caused me problems. One of my protagonists was designed to be the MC in a thriller series. The problem is that internal conflict is not welcome in thrillers. Those works want slam bam action and little personal reflection. I believe the biggest internal struggle in thrillers is whether Jack Reacher will head butt someone or merely kick them in the teeth. My guy, Daniel Pace, wrestles with a complex past. He is thriller hero in some aspects, but a vulnerable person in others. Hence, I submit my works for consideration as mainstream fiction.

Vulnerability makes characters real, and I want to present works that feature real people. That in a nutshell is my writing style.

I have to write today. That is like saying I need air to breathe. But which project? I have a Daniel Pace novel to rework, a second Pace novel that is hanging about one-third through the process, and I have a second novel in another series (featuring fledgling author Sean McNabb). All three are good projects. Maybe I will flip a coin.

First things first. I will line up two more readers for my first Sean McNabb novel. I have good candidates to contact, and I hope they have time to read. I have a stable of four readers, with two of them repeat readers because their viewpoints are varied and they are honest with me. That's a good thing. The other two? I like to rotate readers so I get new insights from talented people. That also is a good thing.

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