Saturday, July 5, 2014

Writing Ongoing; Blogging, Not So Much

It's six weeks since I posted my last blog entry, which isn't a good statistic. You can believe this next statement or not: I have been too busy to do regular blogging. Want proof? Well, here goes.

REASON NO. 1: Three weeks in Europe. This wasn't a a nice parting gift for having my job at The Post eliminated. I didn't book this trip as a way to soothe frayed feelings. Deb and I decided to go to Europe long before the guillotine fell, and there was no way we were going to be denied. The best part of being gone so long was that I wasn't putting more responsibilities on others at Denver Post Online or YourHub. The Post did that by eliminating my job, so I left with a clear conscience.

I will detail the trip in blog posts over the next several days. The only hint I will give is this: It was as marvelous an experience as I could have scripted.

REASON NO. 2: I have been working on my novels. No, let me clarify. I have been working on one of my novels. I started my term of unwanted unemployment by diving into all four novels that are in the construction phase. I moved among three main characters and four story lines, but I abandoned that strategy. The reason? I felt I wasn't giving each novel the time and attention it required. Some novelists can juggle multiple creations; I learned I can't. My work on the single novel is proceeding nicely. I will give details once the project nears the finish line.

OK, enough blogging. Time to turn my attention to other things.

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