Saturday, August 18, 2012

Finding Time? What's Free Time?

I have not been bad about writing lately. I have been absolutely terrible about blogging. So, here goes a quick update.

I have stepped back from sending out queries about my second novel, at least for a couple of weeks. I saw two agents post items on Twitter or their blogs that changed my thinking. One agent, Evan Gregory, said the number of agents who actually work in August is usually down. It's a big vacation period, and even agents need vacations. Fancy that!!! Agent Kristin Nelson in Denver gave a short note in a recent blog about loving to tackle that big workload in the winter. Summer brings thoughts of good things to do -- other than dive through queries, read manuscripts, etc. Heck, I understand that. Give me swimming pools and barbecue grills over streams of unedited copy every day of the week. So, take those two agents' comments together and I made a decision to wait.

My writing has been going great. I am tweaking former works here and there. I am full speed ahead on my latest novel. I have one completed novel on the back burner, where there are two other works that I started but decided it just wasn't the right time to roll out that type of material. Later, later, later ...

My new day job is busy, interesting and a big change from my previous tasks. For those who aren't "in the loop," this is my new gig: I am managing editor of the YourHub sections for The Denver Post. YourHub consists of 10 regional publications in the metro area that are published once a week -- with online and social media components as well. It has kept me occupied, to say the least.

Time. Time. Time. Can I please have more hours in the day?

I have been writing a lot lately. I just haven't been blogging much about it. My bad. Have to correct that oversight. Be updating you again soon.

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