Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moving Forward With Purpose

I am on a roll with the third novel. Maybe it's because this writing process is kicking into gear, or I'm simply learning HOW to write better. Maybe those are the same thing. Anyway, I am having a blast right now.

I just can't tell you much about it.

Here's one thing: I have made a tweak on my story line. Remember my post about selecting Moonlight Beach in Encinitas as the setting for my first chapter? I decided to move farther down the road to Swami's Beach. There are reasons I can't go into here. I want to get back to that area for a visit soon. It is such a beautiful part of the country, and it's been too long since I've been there. Walking through a neighborhood on The Strand south of Coronado or serving as part of the crew for a yacht race on San Diego Bay are among some of my greatest memories ever.

What I am reading: The Reversal by Michael Connolly. I love the fact he's a former journalist. I also love the fact he can write a crime/courtroom novel with the best of them. I am hooked on this one.

What is next on my reading list: The Bottoms by Joe Lansdale. I finished reading Lansdale's "Lost Echoes" a couple of weeks ago. I like Joe's style. He writes like he talks, and that's a good thing. The man is a treasure in the literary world.

What am I listening to: Classical when I'm writing. I let Pandora take me wherever it wants to lead me, or I have a drag-down listing if I want to control the vibe. The second movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is a knockout, but I have trouble concentrating on my writing when it's playing. The music makes me stop whatever I'm doing and listen. Not a good thing when I'm putting plot points in a manuscript. If I'm not writing I am listening to lots of David Byrne, especially the best of the old Talking Heads stuff. Santana's "Soul Sacrifice" from Woodstock is maybe my favorite live performance ever. I can't stop tapping my feet and wanting to dance. That also is a good thing.

What to do now? Do the classical thing and write? Do the David Byrne thing and get that out of my system? Writing gets first priority.

Until later.

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