Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Overloaded Schedule

I apologize for not posting anything lately. I have been a little busy.

You know those problems new authors say they have about juggling allotted time between crafting their works of fiction and their day job? Well, I can say from recent experience that the burden of time between tasks is much more daunting when it involves writing fiction and dealing with LOSING your day job. The Denver Post says I am out the door on June 15; I have a difference of opinion, but that will wait for another day. Part of my workload has been making contacts to determine  ... well, no details as of right now. Much of my workload has involved combing through job postings, then turning in applications for potential jobs. Some of the applications involve a good deal of time to connect all the dots. Add to that the stress of potentially losing my livelihood of more than 37 years and I think you can understand my angst.

My fiction hasn't gone untouched. I have started outlining the second novel in my series, a procedure I adopted after listening to a Jeffery Deaver presentation. However, I cannot do it the way Deaver does. He takes several weeks to come up with an outline from first chapter to last, and then he sits down to write. I cannot do that. I have outlined my first 10 chapters, but the words to the first chapter are banging at my brain in the middle of the night and in the middle of work shifts. I will write that first chapter, and I am sure several others will follow before I break and do a plot outline on the next section.

I also am revising my query letter. I feel it needs a few tweaks. Once this "losing a job" routine provides a break, I will begin sending out to a few select agents.

I feel like a juggler, but I wish I was juggling hoops and rubber balls. It feels like I am juggling elephants, but if elephant juggling is what is required then I will do it.

More later.

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