Thursday, December 15, 2011

Query on Query Letters

I started off this blog several months ago with questions about how to write the proper query letter. Things haven't changed. I am still facing the same question: Is my query letter the proper way to pitch my first book?

My latest crisis of faith came from an agent's reply. I have avoided agents who take only snail-mail queries, but I decided to try one: John Ware in New York City. I knew of his reputation, but an interview with him I found persuaded me that he would be a good agent to present my work to. So I bundled up my snail-mail request and sent it off to Central Park West, relying on Ware's pledge that he tended to reply to queries within two weeks (which is like light speed for most agents). Well, Mr. Ware replied within two weeks ... with a rejection. But he simply took my query letter, circled three words in it and said, "Alas, not for me. But thanks and good luck."

Those three little words taught me a lesson about my query approach. Now I will look at revising my query and see where that leads. You see, this getting published game has new lessons that are taught throughout the process. OK, I am learning, I am learning. And here is a sincere thank you to all of my teachers.

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